Bacon by Nature

Unsmoked Back Bacon

Bacon By Nature

This NEW bacon is the result of combining simple ingredients from nature into our own plant-based cure, without the use of artificial nitrites, to create a wonderfully succulent flavoursome bacon.

Welfare Standards

We are continuing to work with British farmers using only high welfare outdoor bred pigs from RSPCA Assured farms, keeping to the high Denhay standards of sustainability, quality and taste.

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Bacon recipes

We have assembled a range of delicious Denhay recipes for you featuring our bacon and gammon. So why not give them a try.
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Outdoor Bred British Pork Loin (90%), Water, Sea Salt, Sugar, Vegetable Bouillon (Chard Concentrate Juice, Carrot Concentrate Juice, Onion Extracts), Acerola Concentrate Juice.

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g

Energy Fat Saturates Carbohydrates Sugars Fibre Protein Salt
909kG/219kcal 15.4 5.6g 2.3g 0.7g 1g 17.4g 2.57g

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