Since 1952

We’ve been crafting bacon for almost 30 years, developing the Denhay method, and refining our special cure. Conceived at Denhay Farms, founded by the Streatfeilds and the Hoods in the Dorset Hills 70 years ago, our hand dry cured bacon is now available in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Amazon Fresh.

Expertly produced

All our Dry Cured and Wiltshire Cure bacon is created using the finest outdoor bred pork. Our expert bacon curers hand rub each loin and belly to carefully apply the cure and then allow them to slowly mature drawing out our bacon’s exquisite taste. After smoking and slicing the bacon is packed in special recyclable packaging to keep it fresh to the moment you open it.

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Award-Winning! Don’t just take our word for it, we’re holders of a Royal Warrant from HRH Prince of Wales

The highest of accolades and we've won over 100 awards for taste and quality. Denhay bacon has been a consistent winner of Great Taste Awards – and winning Gold for Taste of the West, making us more than happy to follow the West Country’s reputation for producing fine quality foods.

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High Welfare

We value animal welfare extremely highly. All our Dry Cured and Wiltshire Cure bacon is made from outdoor bred pigs raised by farmers inspected to RSPCA welfare standards by the RSPCA’s independently certified farm assurance scheme. We have also won the Good Pig Award for our high standards.

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Our Environmental commitment

Denhay Farms Limited recognises that its activities, products and services can cause impacts on the environment. Our Organisation is committed to protecting the environment by minimising the impacts of our operations, we will continually strive to improve our environmental performance, meet our compliance obligations, and achieve our stated objectives.

As a company we aim to reduce our environmental impact in line with ISO 14001:2015 through:

Preventing Pollution, minimising waste, seeking to recover where economically practicable, and ensure appropriate disposal of the remainder.

Ensuring where possible use of sustainable resource.

Protection of Bio Diversity and Eco systems.

Ensuring we control and reduce activities that contribute to climate change.

Identifying and complying with all current statutory compliance obligations, other influencing requirements, taking steps to meet future legislative requirements.

Providing information, instruction and training on environmental issues and ensuring the implementation of appropriate environmental procedures by regular monitoring and improvement of performance.

Determining objectives and targets and reviewing them at the regular Management Review Meetings.

Each individual employee of the company is expected to demonstrate a commitment to protect the environment through:

Complying with the relevant environmental obligations and procedures which apply to their work activities.

Preventing the release of environmentally damaging substances.

Ensuring that all waste materials are disposed of in accordance with relevant procedures.

Communicating to the company any information or initiatives likely to improve environmental performance.

This policy statement will be reviewed by the Managing Director after any significant change or influence that may affect its content.

This Environmental Policy shall be communicated to all employees and contractors, suppliers working on our behalf. It is available to any interested party.

Signed: J P Loescher
(Managing Director)

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