Dry Cured Gammon

We only use fresh British outdoor bred pork to make Denhay gammon. Each joint is hand dry cured using our own special sea salt cure. We allow the gammon to slowly mature before either slicing or packing into joints. Beech wood is used in the smoking process to add that distinctive smoky flavour. Both joints and sliced gammon are available smoked or unsmoked.


We have a whole range of recipes featuring our delicious award-winning dry cured bacon and gammon.
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Did you know?

The Denhay cure

Our dry curing technique involved a unique mixture of dry sea salt, nitirite and Vitamin C massaged into the pork which is then cured for between two and three weeks.

Denhay smoking

The chosen joints are gently smoked over beech wood.

RSPCA Assured

The outdoor bred pork in Denhay comes from producers inspected to RSPCA welfare standards by the RSPCA’s independently certified farm assurance scheme.
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Proud to be British

We only use British outdoor bred pigs to make our bacon and gammon.

Royal Warrant

We were proud to be appointed bacon curer to the Prince of Wales in 2008.