Christmas Leftovers Breakfast Hash

If you're wondering what to do with either the Christmas dinner or Sunday roast leftovers, then look no further than this tasty breakfast hash. It prevents food waste, is easy to prepare and, as everything is cooked in one pan, it also saves you from doing too much washing up. The hash contains crispy potatoes, chopped bacon, sprouts, cooked stuffing and has a fried egg in the centre which is perfect for dipping the crispy leftovers into the yolk.

Serves 1 people   Prep 5 minutes   Cook 10 minutes


Denhay Bacon by Nature back bacon

3 large cooked roast potatoes

30g chopped & cooked sprouts

2x chopped cooked stuffing balls


Chop up 2 rashers of back bacon. Heat a medium non-stick pan with a little oil, then add the bacon and pan fry until it is beginning to crisp up.

Roughly chop 3 large cooked roast potatoes into chunks (if you haven't got any roast potatoes leftover, chop up a large potato into chunks and microwave for 3-4 minutes). Add the potato to the pan and cook for around 2 minutes.

Add 30g chopped & cooked sprouts and a couple of chopped cooked stuffing balls, then cook for a further few minutes.

Create a well in the centre of the pan and crack in a large egg. Cook until the egg white has set but yolk still runny (using a pan with a lid helps speed this up).

Serve and get dipping the crispy bacon, potatoes, sprouts and stuffing into the yolk.


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