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Now you can enjoy spoiltpig sausages as well as spoiltpig bacon. These are now available in Morrisons and Ocado.

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Come and try our bacon at events across the country this year. First stop is the Edible Garden Show in Alexandra Palace at the end of March

Traditionally Dorset

Here on our farm overlooking Dorset's Jurassic coast, we've been crafting our award-winning cheddar and hand cured bacon since 1952. The key to creating these great tasting products is the people and processes behind them. Every member of our team - from the milkers to the bacon curers - will only accept the very best... and nothing less!

Denhay Farm - find out why our bacon tastes the best

No white stuff - find out why our bacon tastes the best

Because no water is added, no white scum comes out in the pan. It involves attention to detail, something that we are prepared to give. We feel that our passion for producing something really special has created a bacon 'tasting like bacon used to taste'.

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4 weeks ago

What's the best way to start the week? With 50p off Denhay bacon at Waitrose and Ocado of course! Now that's a happy Monday ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

The sun hasn't stopped, and neither have the great deals from #spoiltpig! Our bacon currently has 50p off Tesco and is now available in more stores too, so be sure to pick up a few packs! ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

We're having a scorcher across the UK, make sure you stock up for the heatwave with 50p off spoiltpig Pork and Pork & Herb Sausages at Tesco and Ocado - perfect for barbecuing this weekend! (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less


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Sarah SwiftBeing pork i am assuming it is safe to eat for me because they can't be made from halal cast off i don't think.1   ·  1 month ago

Susan Knows-BestThat pig don't look like it's been spoilt to me.1   ·  1 month ago

Alexandra TownsendWow, I hope nobody ever decides to 'spoil me'! Don't really class a gun to the head and a slit throat on the top of my list of desired activities ;)2 weeks ago

Kirstie LawrenceI don't feel I have ever before been so truly offended by the packaging of a meat product. As people become ever more consciousness of farm animal welfare, companies even so far fetched as fast-food chains are re-marketing in a panic to seem ethical. I notice you product is not labelled free-range, merely outdoor reared which is highly dubious given the poor standard afford to free-range animals.(Take the footage of chickens packed so tight into a shed they have no hope of finding the exit). Therefore I took the opportunity to look up what outdoor reared means, in relation to pigs: 'The breeding herd is free range as with outdoor bred but the piglets when weaned are moved into huts and tents that are situated in fields. This means they can be called outdoor reared but they don’t talk about the fact the pigs do not have free access to large paddocks or that they are actually confined in these huts and tents in similar conditions to intensively reared pigs.' Not so spoilt then. Freedom Foods has good intentions but few guidelines that are not left open to interpretation, they are very few rules and regulations. Judging for my self by reading, I fear they do little for animal welfare and I highly question if the guidelines are sufficiently met outside of inspection .Lastly freedom foods does not mean'free-range either but I'm sure the assumption made by many helps sales.2   ·  2 weeks ago

Denhay FarmsWe cannot comment on other farms adhering to Freedom Food guidelines of course – or respond on behalf of Freedom Food. However we can guarantee our own farmer’s excellent attention to the farming and husbandry of the pigs we use for our bacon. Our outdoor reared pigs are born outside in fields, where they remain for half of their lives, after this time the pigs are housed in straw barns with generous space allowances.1 week ago

Kirstie LawrenceCan you define in numerical terms 'half there lives' and 'generous space allowances' per pig ? Whislt this will differ from farm to farm in sure you will be able to tell us the minimum and maximum figures? If you do not know the sizing of the confinement it would be unfair to dub them anything never-mind spacious. It's also a sad world when living inside, under whatever conditions for half of your life, warrants marketing to label a creature 'spoilt'. Can I just say as well that I admire the company for tackling my direct statement with a direct response as opposed to some cut and paste blanket statement. I do hope you respond. I'm not out to bully your company I just like full and open transparency when I choose for myself what ethics I am comfortable with, just like any modern shopper.1 week ago

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2 months ago

Jo at Given To Distracting Others has whipped up this delicious quiche with the addition of some Double Gloucester cheese - who's hungry? ... See MoreSee Less